Bail Bonds

A Listing about Bail Bonds in Hartford County

With time, being arrested doesn’t get any better. After the initial booking and holding cell placement, a procedure known as Arraignment is carried out, where a suspect must face a judge. The judge will hear the charges at that time and will ask the detained person to file a plea. If it is ‘not guilty,’ then a formal trial will take place. The judge must then decide whether the accused person is trustworthy enough to stay out of custody before the trial starts. Go to this website get bail bonds in Fairfield County

This date could be months or years away. It typically asks for a bail money in order for the court to get a financial incentive in return and it depends on how serious the charges are. For example, if a person is charged with murder, a $500,000 bail can be given to him, which means that the person is responsible for the amount said and if he does not appear in court. Most individuals are unable to afford the amount of the bail, so what they do or their families do is to make a contract to arrange bail bonds with a specialist called a bondman. A bondman or a bail bond agent is an individual or a company that acts as a security and property or pledges cash as bail for the court appearance of a criminal defendant. Although insurance companies, banks and other institutions usually guarantee these types of contracts, such as bonding a contractor under a contractual obligation to pay for the completion of a construction project, these entities are reluctant to place the funds of their depositor or policy holder at this type of risk involved in the issuance of a certain bail bond. While bail bond agents, on the other hand, are usually in the company to cater to criminal defendants, often guaranteeing the release of their client in just a few hours.