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The symptoms of Adult ADHD can be similar to those displayed in children. However, in most cases the cause of Adult ADHD may not be known. If a parent or other family members have noticed that the patient’s behavior has changed or seems to be having problems, they should notify their psychiatrist. While it is normal to have mood swings, lack of concentration, or trouble completing tasks, these symptoms may be indicative of another condition. In many instances, the psychiatrist will want to do more testing to determine if there is another underlying condition that needs attention. Find out here Aura MD – Dr. Ashley Toutounchi

When a child shows the warning signs of ADHD, he or she may be referred to an ADHD specialist or a psychiatrist who deals with this type of disorder. A psychiatrist who specializes in ADHD will likely work with the family and help identify the cause of the behavior issues. Once the cause is determined, the psychiatrist may prescribe medications. While these medications may relieve some of the symptoms of ADHD, they are not a true cure and must be taken consistently over a long period of time.
The problem with relying on prescription medications to treat symptoms of adult ADHD is that they often mask or suppress the symptoms instead of treating them. A good example of this is when a person forgets to take a pill later in the day. Since the medication makes the symptoms less noticeable, the patient continues to show signs of being under stress. While it is possible to live with this type of disorder, it is better to seek help. As adults get older, the symptoms often become worse and are more difficult to control.