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Unfortunately, marijuana addiction will lead to many teens selling the drug to fund their habit. There are a few main slang words that are only used in the context of dealing and distributing marijuana. Dispensaries Near Me offers excellent info on this. A scale is required in order to weigh and break up the weed. The three most widely used scales are referred to as “hand scales” since they are simple and easy to use while held in one’s hand, “digi” because it is a digital scale, and “tri-beam” because it is a triple beam balance (think like a high school chemistry set).


Marijuana prices and bag sizes are determined by weight, so look for slang words like “eighth,” “zip (ounce),” or “QP” (quarter pound).You can be confident as a parent that you are doing everything possible to keep your family drug-free by incorporating your knowledge of slang words for marijuana, the methods used to smoke the drug, the terms used in its delivery, and basic home drug testing kits.

Marijuana escapes the system easily in saliva and takes longer to be detected than other medications. Marijuana can be identified by a home saliva drug test around an hour after use. Marijuana takes about 12 hours to leave saliva, and after that, the accuracy of a saliva-based home drug test drops dramatically.

When it comes to urine drug testing, the quantity and duration of marijuana smoked by the patient has a significant impact on the amount of time THC can be detected. Marijuana can remain in your urine for up to 45 days, but it’s more common for it to stay between a week and 30 days. After quitting marijuana, anyone who uses it regularly or daily may continue to be positive on a drug test for at least three weeks, if not longer.

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