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Tattooing is the art of creating permanent, life-long representations on the body using ink pens, needles and/or a tattoo machine. A tattoo artist (as tattooer or tattoo maker) is a person who applies for temporary, decorative tattoos, most often in a set establishment, such as a “tat shop” or a “taebo”. Tattoo artists usually master their craft through an apprenticeship under an experienced and qualified mentor. There are some artists who have been tattooed more than once, and have learned the trade through trial and error and the experience of working with countless artists over the years. In the past, a tattoo artist may have to work without compensation in order to earn his living; this was due to the fact that few tattoo studios offered paid membership. As a result, many aspiring tattoo artists would work part-time jobs at various studios, or else work as a nanny until they could afford to buy their own tattoo machine and shop. Checkout BestTattooShop.

However, many tattoo artists are now making a living working from their own home, and by combining in home jobs with their tattoo art, have been able to build enough of a business to offer themselves full time. If you are interested in becoming a tattoo artist, there are several ways you can do it – you can start by owning your own tattoo studio, or you can work for a well-known studio on contract basis.

Scatter pins, flyers, social media links, tattooing stencils and all other marketing materials designed to promote your tattoo shop are an important part of your advertising campaign. Social media allows you to reach a worldwide audience for the cost of zero dollars. Many local businesses have also taken advantage of social media networking, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

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