Cincinnati Bounce House Rentals Association

Children have enjoyed jumping on bounce houses for various occasions for years. Summer is, without a doubt, our industry’s busiest season. Children enjoy partying on bounce house rentals for a variety of reasons, regardless of whether the weather is 100 degrees outside or 100 below freezing (okay, that may be a little too cold to enjoy a bounce house rental). Here are five reasons why renting a bounce house this winter is a good idea. Visit us for great deals in Cincinnati Bounce House Rentals Association
1) Children’s birthday parties: Parties with an inflatable rental are always a blast, no matter what time of year it is. Kids, unlike adults, are less susceptible to the cold. Jumping around in an inflatable rental consumes a lot of calories and keeps the body warm. Isn’t it unfair that only summer birthday kids get to run and slide at their parties? No, I say! Rent a moonwalk for your next winter birthday party to level the playing field. Simply tell the kids to bring an extra pair of socks, and they’ll have a blast
2) Church winter festivals: Thousands of churches around the country (and the world) are preparing for their winter festivals. Moonwalk rentals, as well as inflatable slide rentals and other inflatable sports, are a fantastic way to make your winter festival a huge success! When you rent inflatables for the kids to play on, you’ll get a lot of people to come to your church gathering. What is the reason for this? Since kids love them, and parents appreciate having healthy options for their kids during this hectic season.
3) School fundraisers: Bounce house rentals are ideal for school fundraisers. You can easily raise a lot of money for your school by charging every child who uses the jumper. Of course, instead of having someone collect money and/or tickets at each inflatable ride, you might simply charge for admission to the event. Or maybe you simply want the kids to have a fun time. It makes no difference why. When children hear that you have rented jumpers and other inflatable equipment, they will flock to your school celebration.
4) Corporate Team Building: At this time of year, companies, including schools and churches, are still searching for ways to entertain their staff and their families. Bounce house rentals are an excellent way to get your entire team together for a good cause: your company!
5) For no other reason than the fact that the holiday season is one of the most stressful periods of the year. It takes a long time and effort to find the “ideal” gift. Perhaps you and your family just need a break from the holiday craziness for an afternoon. Bring a group of friends together and hop and slide for hours to alleviate tension.