Towing Service

Dedicated Towing and Recovery – Some Insight

Anyone who’s been on the road probably knows what towing facilities are. These are programs which are usually provided by road owners for emergencies. Operators of emergency roads may be from private companies or public agencies. Towing companies are liable for “towing” the vehicle to automotive impounds in the case of traffic accidents and injuries, incidents, breakdowns, zoning offences and others. Do you want to learn more? Click Dedicated Towing and Recovery.

Towing services are a very popular form of business these days. This is because there are hundreds of traffic accidents occurring on United States highways on a day-to-day basis. However, there are also more than a thousand people performing parking violations and about 200 cars often crash or break down. Such incidences have contributed a great deal to America’s fast-flouring towing industry.

The various forms of towing equipment Currently, there are five styles of towing equipment used by major emergency road users in both the urban and rural areas. The model of towing equipment to be used for each case would depend on the size of the vehicle to be towed.

Boom: This device is not designed specifically for lorry towing alone. Such flexible boom pulleys, though, are used by many towing companies to rescue cars that have been trapped in ditches and cesspools.

Belt lifts: Which apply to the looped chains fixed to the cars. It helps the car to be pushed by the axle to the tow truck. Many days, though, belt lifts are not often used, as they can inflict marks on the bumper of the car. If you want to use this service, just make sure you have steel bumpers on the truck to be towed.

Wheel raises: These lifts are the new iterations of hook and chain configurations that were used in trucking and towing in the early years. Those apply to those huge metal yokes that can be fastened together with a hydraulic hoist under the vehicle’s wheels.

Slide: this towing system applies to the “home” at the back of the towing vehicle. The slide’s hydraulics enable the “table” to drop to ground level to pull the vehicle via a winch.

Quick pick: Quick pick is the integrated towing equipment which combines the characteristics of a boom and a wheel raise. A form of towing device will essentially be used to repossess cars or move vehicles that have been illegally parked. The quick pick is the most accurate for both light duty and heavy duty vehicles among the five styles of towing equipment.