Details of Stepanyan Photography: Los Angeles Headshot Photographer

We think in pictures as humans. And your profile picture, also known as a headshot, captures your essence so that anyone who sees it will instantly understand your storey. A good headshot will bring out your inner glow, reveal your personality, and provide insight into your life. In a professional setting, this is critical for activating your inherent message (who you are) and creating a connecting point with future and current clients. Visit Stepanyan Photography: Los Angeles Headshot Photographer – Los Angeles photographers headshots.

Here are a few pointers based on what I’ve seen that can make all the difference in your headshot.

1. There will be no distractions! You’re vying with your environment for a good headshot if you’re in a social setting, or if a friend casually takes your picture as the guy in the background reaches for a drink, or if you’re in front of an art show. Allow for a neutral backdrop to highlight YOU!

2. No snatching mates! I see it all the time… people are hanging out with their friends, arm in arm, and they like how they look, so they just cut everyone else out of the picture. Not only is this inefficient in terms of energy, but it also does you a disservice because people relate to you based on the individual in the picture rather than the person looking at your headshot. Obviously, those are two entirely different relationships… if you’re trying to attract company, don’t use a photo of you hanging out with your buddies!

3. No pictures of the body! On a web page, a headshot is already tiny, so using the picture of yourself dressed up in full takes away valuable “real estate” from your headshot. Your head shrinks to the size of a postage stamp, and that’s not nearly enough for people to sense your energy.

4. Excellent lighting! It’s not working for you if your headshot has funny shadows, bright lighting (which will age you), you’re squinting in the sun, or your face is looming in from a dim backdrop (as in, your photo was taken at a social club). Natural light is best, but a professional photographer can understand how to use light to enhance your features. It all comes down to the lighting!!!

5. The eyes are the soul’s portals! This is the point of contact between you and the person who sees your headshot; it’s how you interact with people when you’re not around. People would want to interact with you if you are polite, approachable, and/or playful. If you make eye contact with others, it indicates if you are open to a relationship in any way or whether you are closed for business. You’re not allowing the audience to interact with your light if you’re doing a stare-down, not looking at the camera, or wearing sunglasses. Eye contact is essential to your emotional well-being, and it’s just as crucial in a headshot as it is in real life.