DUI Attorneys – Things To Know

DUI Attorneys will bill differently from personal injury lawyers. In some states, they will bill based on either an hourly rate or a flat rate. However, not all criminal attorneys are like this. They will often take a percentage of the case on an hourly basis. Visit Summit Defense-Dui Lawyer.

Some also may bill a flat rate, which is basically the same as any other fee for personal injury cases. The amount of time it takes to get a conviction reduced by the judge or jury varies by state law. Most DUI Attorneys has their own set of rules about how long it will take to get a conviction reduced. For instance, in some jurisdictions, it can take a year or more before a court date is set. If a lawyer takes a percentage of the case for his fees, he may only bill his clients for a certain number of days. He must inform his clients about these policies, as they may change after the case has been filed.

Another thing that DUI Attorney charges are retainer fees. These can be very large, depending on what jurisdiction you are working in and how many cases you are handling at once. Most lawyers will agree to a retainer upon signing a contract. In addition, DUI attorneys will be charged with having to get a license and pass background checks. The fees for these additional services are usually separate from the original retainer. Hiring a qualified DUI Attorney is necessary to help you fight your DUI charges.