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Effective Steps to Take Before Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling is a process in which an unstructured conversation between two individuals, usually married with children in tow, addresses issues within the marriage relationship and seeks to resolve such conflicts through a collaborative effort. Couples often seek marriage counseling in hopes of amending their relationship or of restoring it to what it once was before the difficulties began. Unfortunately, counseling sessions rarely resolve marital problems because each spouse creates their own individual version of events or refrains from giving complete information to the other party. Learn more about Marriage Counseling San Diego.

Many times, this results in a lot of disappointment on the part of both parties as they are unable to find answers to their questions or resolve how to move forward. Couples often take their relationship for granted and fail to see that it is not static but has actually been changing over time. One way to help repair a strained marriage is to use marriage counseling sessions as a means of establishing new skills for the two people involved. By engaging in discussions, each party gains an understanding of what exactly has gone wrong and can use that information to create positive changes in their relationship moving forward. Many couples also find that the process of talking through their issues allows them to create new skills that they can then apply to their future relationships.

Once a couple has established a level of discussion and a concrete plan to work through their issues, it is important that they maintain a working relationship with their counselor. Although a therapist will provide a helpful service by listening to your concerns and offering encouragement, the most effective therapy occurs when the partners themselves have a good understanding of what is happening. If at any point, you feel that your spouse is being defensive or pushing you away, find another counselor. Your therapist may be able to offer specific training on healthy communication if your spouse is struggling with communicating issues related to substance abuse. If you are having marital problems that you believe could be related to substance abuse, talk with your partner about the process of going to marriage counseling and about the potential benefits of using a professional counselor for substance abuse treatment.

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