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Elderly Care – Reviews

Elderly care refers to the comprehensive care of a senior citizen requires to ensure his or her best possible quality of life. Touching Hearts at Home NYC — Manhattan; Brooklyn; Westchester; Queens; Rockland is an excellent resource for this. Elderly people require special medical attention as their health declines. Some of them may require constant medical monitoring, medication, and psychological treatment. It may also be necessary for them to be taken to a hospital in order to recover from severe injuries that have left them handicapped. There are various means by which elderly care can be provided: assisted living facilities, community-based care programs, skilled nursing and adult day care facilities, and home health care.

Assisted living facilities are places where seniors can live independently. Seniors can choose among group homes, hotels, private residences, or apartments that offer a wide range of services that include companionship, meals, housekeeping, bathing, dressing, and exercising. Some assisted living facilities are also able to provide 24-hour support and assistance to seniors with activities of daily living (ADL). ADL usually means that the residents can still carry on with their normal activities and take part in socializing, while being monitored by trained staff to ensure that they are still having a safe and comfortable stay.

Long-term elderly care is provided in nursing homes. It may be either in-home or in an assisted living facility. In-home nursing care is provided by licensed nurses, licensed practical nurses (LPN), and registered nurses (RNs). A nursing home provides the basic needs of an elderly loved one such as assistance with activities of daily living (ADL), assistance with bathing, eating, walking, and other daily activities, and help with tasks such as transferring from one room to another, getting dressed, and using the bathroom. Some nursing home facilities also offer companionship services for an added degree of care for the elderly adult.