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Five Channels SEO and Digital Marketing: Complementary Techniques

SEO and Digital Marketing are two different but complementary methods for online businesses. Do you want to learn more? Visit Five Channels SEO and Marketing. They differ largely in terms of their purpose. They can be said to be sister techniques that are used together to help improve the popularity of websites. Both SEO and Digital Marketing are very effective and can help a business grow online.


The first main difference between SEO and Digital Marketing would be that SEO is primarily one of the free tools being used in Digital Marketing. In order for a website to become popular and well known, it should get more exposure through on-page and off-page optimization. If the on-page optimization is not done properly, then there will be no result achieved through SEO and Digital Marketing alone. And hence if you wish to begin marketing for your site, you must first begin with SEO.

The other main difference between SEO and Digital Marketing would be that SEO has its own strategy to follow while Digital Marketing mostly follows proven strategies. SEO has several tools to help them implement strategies. And so in this regard, SEO has various tactics to use to make websites popular. Whereas, Digital Marketing mostly uses free organic traffic sources like article marketing, social networking, blogging and bookmarking. These free organic traffic sources help a website to rank well on the top search engines. Hence it can be concluded that SEO and Digital Marketing are complimentary and they work hand-in-hand for a better traffic generation for a website.

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