How to Cut Your Own Hair- Detailed Notes

Have you ever wanted a new look and couldn’t quite find the words to explain it to your hair dresser? Or felt the need to fix or adjust some portion of your hair after a hair cut that you just knew would make your hairstyle look better? If you have here are the steps you should take to make sure you get the desired results.


First, it’s very important to make sure your hair is clean. Freshly washed hair, still damp is best for cutting. All salons begin by either washing or wetting your hair. Don’t skip this step. If you don’t want to soak your head you can use a spray bottle to dampen your hair. Be sure and comb it out after towel drying in preparation for cutting.

Second, make sure you have a plan. Decide before you start what you want to do to your hair. Are you looking to simply alter your hair a bit, shaping it slightly, take off 2 whole inches, or completely change your whole look? Whatever you do, don’t just start cutting. Have a plan and work toward that goal.

Using a comb, select a small portion of hair and comb it out straight, stopping about a half inch before the end of your hair. Work in half inch increments. That way you still have hair to work with and can get a feel for what your cuts are accomplishing with room to spare.
Leaving your fingers where you would like to cut, and making sure your fingers are straight and not at an angle, gently line the scissors up against your straight fingers and snip. Let the hair drop straight down and see if it falls evenly. When you are lining up your fingers for your straight cut, try and think of them as being an even distance at both ends of your fingers from your head.
Cut one side of your hair and then the other, after starting with the center. Use your center section as a guide for the length by which to judge the length of all other sections. Don’t alternate back and forth. This will tend to make you cut your hair shorter than you intended. Cut one side the way you want it and make the other side match it.
If you want layers, cut sections of hair in different lengths and be sure and make each of your cuts on a sharp angle. If you want your hair all the same length, just cut the center section and bangs the length you want and then as you comb each section with your fingers the same distance from your scalp the cut section can serve as your guide for the length of all the other cuts, working out slowly, each section cut to the same length as the hair next to it.
Try to bring the majority of your hair toward the front to cut it, so you can see what you are doing. When it comes to cutting the back of the hair you will have to use two mirrors and work very slowly. Position the mirrors so they are facing each other and be sure and check your results with each cut to ensure you are working the right direction. Mirrors can make it difficult to work in and your arms are likely to get tired, so be sure and let yourself take breaks.