Know more about Magnetic glass dry erase board

Once you’ve decided on using magnetic whiteboards within your organisation, regardless of the use or the size of the white boards, there are various supplies that you will have to purchase. Furthermore, these supplies will need to be replaced on a regular basis, as they are consumed. If you shop carefully, however, and purchase in bulk, you will significantly reduce the costs of these supplies. Magnetic glass dry erase board near me┬áis an excellent resource for this.

First, you need dry erase markers. It is vital that you never use any other type of writing tool on your boards, as the writing will not be able to be wiped away. Use dry-erase markers only, and make sure that the people in your organisation understand that as well. Also make sure that everyone in the organisation understands the difference between regular markers and dry erase markers. You would be surprised at the number of people who do not know the difference, and ruin these unique boards by writing on them with the wrong type of markers.

There are lots of different choices for white board markers that can be used on your magnetic whiteboards, but if quality matters – and it should – look for dry erase markers that dry fast, as well as markers that are non-toxic. Also note that there are many different styles of markers – those with fat tips, skinny tips, and medium sized tips. Some markers actually have erasers on the end, and some do not. Make sure that you get a wide assortment of quality dry erase markers, in all colours available, so that you always have what is needed. Also make sure that you get a container that is specifically designed to hold dry erase markers, and keep it near the whiteboard.

You need erasers for your magnetic whiteboards – even if your dry erase markers have erasers on the end of them. These are larger erasers, and depending on how much white board you have, you may need several erasers. Select erasers that can be washed, but realise that you will usually need to replace these erasers every couple of years or so.

Despite the fact that you can erase you’re the writing from your boards, you will also need cleaning solutions so that they can be washed down as needed. You should also purchase soft clothes for this type of cleaning as well. You can even purchase special wipes for your magnetic whiteboards for fast clean up as well. Make sure that you get a cleaning solution that was designed for use on white boards, so that you don’t ruin the board.

Finally, because your board is magnetic, you will want a nice assortment of magnets. There is a wide range of available magnets, and you can even order customised magnets that better suit your company’s needs as well. Depending on the type and size of the magnets that you order, these are typically very inexpensive. You can even purchase magnets that you can customise yourself, simply by writing on them, if this is what you need for your organisation. The writing on these magnets can also be erased, as the need arises, so that they can be relabelled for various uses on your magnetic whiteboards.