Lawn Care Service

Norcross Lawn Care Companies And The Newest Weed Killers

Most lawn care companies will offer you a good selection of services, usually with defined package plans to suit your needs. Some lawn care companies only offer one-off treatments, while others automatically renew the contract every year, but most allow you to Cancellate a contract any time you wish and just pay for the visits you’ve received. For some companies you may only need to get the grass cut and the water aerated once every few months. Others may require yearly lawn care, weed killing, fertilizing and general maintenance. Many will come up with an exact monthly price, and you can usually adjust this based on how much work is required and also based on the size of your lawn and the area it encompasses. Have a look at King GREEN – Norcross Lawn Care Companies for more info on this.

Lawn care companies will also offer soil analysis and pre-emergent weed control services. When dealing with soil one of the main issues with it is that it can be sandy, uneven, or unable to absorb nutrients or aerate properly. This can result in a lack of healthy soils that can promote disease and attract pests. Other issues with poor soil are that it can absorb large amounts of water or have no water within it, or it can be compacted too much which makes it more conducive to weed growth than other soils. In order to address these issues, many lawn care services will offer soil testing and pre-emergent weed control applications.

Other services that are often available are pre-emergent herbicides, lawn pesticides, and weed control medications. These can be essential when it comes to getting rid of stubborn weeds but often are considered optional. If you find that your lawn is being overrun by uninvited weeds such as dandelions or crabgrass, many lawn care companies will advertise the use of their pre-emergent herbicides for weed killer. While these can effectively reduce most common weeds, they may not be effective for more stubborn or severe weed invasions. There are other methods to getting rid of these invasions such as natural grass seed or aeration, but weed killers remain a popular choice for many homeowners.