Pediatric Urgent Care: What Is It?

Pediatric Urgent Care is fast becoming one of the most popular specialties among young doctors. More of these doctors see patients coming in with a variety of concerns from a baby born with a condition that requires urgent attention to a child who is choking or having gas problems. Whatever the reason, if you’re planning to add a pediatric specialist into your regular health care practice, it’s important to know the differences between this type of physician and your normal primary care doctor.You can get additional information at CHKD Pediatric Urgent Care | Virginia Beach.

Pediatric urgent centers treat only serious and acute medical issues in pediatric patients. They are staffed by doctors who have specialized training in dealing with children and are board certified. The majority of these doctors work after-hours, so that the patients get immediate, emergency care without having to wait on their primary care physicians. In many cases, all you need to bring in your child is an adult diapers and some medication – sometimes you may even be asked for a prescription. Most pediatric urgent care centers to treat all types of emergencies including newborns, babies, small children, high school, college, and international students traveling abroad.

There are several differences between pediatric emergency medicine and regular ER. First, children who are seen in an urgent care center are not seen by specialty doctors or nurses. Second, the majority of the time, immediate treatment is required. Lastly, pediatric specialists do not just walk in the door and start checking a patient’s temperature or heart rate. Doctors in this specialty area are specially trained to quickly recognize any signs of a child suffering from a serious condition and bring them to the hospital quickly while the parents are taken care of elsewhere.