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Personal Bankruptcy And Wage Garnishments Attorney

The best way to prevent Wage Garnishments from happening to you or someone you know is to immediately file for personal bankruptcy. Wage Garnishments Attorney near me is an excellent resource for this. Once a chapter 13 or chapter 7 bankruptcy is filed by the person, it immediately goes into effect. Although it can take a while for the wage garnishments to be removed, once the bankruptcy is declared the money garnished from your wages will immediately be returned. However, the sooner the wage garnishment is taken care of, the better because that time is usually more expensive and in some states much longer than the time allowed by the state to repay the creditors.

If you are able to prevent the wage garnishments from happening, it will also help you by saving you from many of the unpleasantries that are part of the debt collection process. One such unpleasantity is having your wages being sent directly to the creditor. If the debt collection agent does not have the money owed to them to cover all of your past due accounts, they will send a letter to your employer or business demanding that you repay that money.

In this situation, it is usually best to immediately file for personal bankruptcy and ask for the wage garnishments to be removed from your checking account. If you cannot file for personal bankruptcy, ask your lender what you can do in order to legally prevent the wage garnishments from occurring. Most often they will offer some type of agreement or will at least try to work with you. At this point in time you are probably wondering about how to proceed and where to start.