Restaurants – An Ever Growing Enterprise

A restaurant (French: [tro]); or an eatery, is basically a business which prepares and delivers food and beverages to customers at their request. Meals are usually served and enjoyed on the property, but most restaurants also provide take-out food and delivery service. The word “restaurant” comes from Latin “site” and “la”, which means “lord”.Learn more about them at Ocala Downtown Market Restaurant, Ocala.

Unlike the early days when dining was associated with low wages and low quality, modern restaurants have made quality and good taste their first priority. Professional chefs are now hired to take care of the food preparation and cleaning. However, because of economic pressures, some restaurants have resorted to cutting down on various service staff like dishwashers, waiters and bellboys, thereby reducing their staff size. Consequently, even when the restaurant has enough room, it can only accommodate small groups of people because of the lack of enough tables and chairs. This is where the concept of restaurant business came into being, allowing large groups of people to dine in a relatively small space, giving them a wonderful dining experience while paying only a portion of the actual bill.

Many restaurants also now use the concept of ‘party’ in the name of business. For instance, an upscale French restaurant can now be called a ‘Le Dining Room’ (e.g. ‘Le Dining French Restaurant’), whereas an ordinary Indian or Chinese restaurant can be called ‘The Yellow House’.

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