Specialties of Dentistry Guidelines

Years ago it was nearly unthinkable and impossible to enhance your teeth for anything other than health and later hygienic reasons. Besides the fact that innovations weren’t made yet, many patients didn’t found it necessary to visit the dentist at all unless their bad teeth got pulled out and they received dentures.Do you want to learn more? Get More Information

Fortunately, innovations have been made in the world of cosmetic dentistry. Thanks to public health, oral health has improved and besides healthy teeth, people living in a society where appearances are judged, desire good-looking teeth.

Now what are ways to make that possible?

Teeth whitening: A (cosmetic) dentist uses a formula that ‘bleaches’ yellow teeth. It takes a certain amount of visits to reach the desired result. These bleaching products can have damaging results, especially for teeth that are sensitive or unhealthy. Therefore it is strongly advised to put confidence in a professional instead of using over-the-counter products.
Porcelain veneers – Porcelain veneers are like ceramic covers that are bonded to the teeth in order to change the color, shape and even size of the teeth.
Dental implants – Missing or irreparable teeth can be replaced by natural looking dental implants in order to restore the smile and dental function.
Tooth contouring – If a tooth has a chip or an abnormally shaped or growing tooth that looks out of place or may hurt adjacent teeth, the dentist removes a bit of the surface enamel in order to minimize defects.
Orthodontics – Orthodontics guide the growing process of dentures and fix abnormalities in the jaw, the bite, and of the teeth using braces and retainers.