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A law firm, also called a legal business, is an entity organized by one or more attorneys to undertake the specialized practice of law. The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, P.C., Rock Hill is an excellent resource for this. The primary function performed by a law firm is generally to advise potential clients about their individual legal rights and obligations, with respect to real estate matters, tax and legal matters, and the operation of their personal property. Sometimes, a lawyer may take on additional tasks such as handling estate planning and/or retirement accounts, reviewing and advising on the preparation of important business documents, and handling complex litigation procedures such as probate and/or wills. In some instances, a lawyer might be employed solely to perform the services outlined in this section.


There are a few different types of lawyers who might engage in the practice area of a law firm. The most common types of lawyers who engage in the legal practices associated with a law firm are Attorneys General, including U.S. Attorneys, along with Circuit Court Judges, Appellate judges, and bankruptcy judges. Most U.S. Attorneys are required to have a thorough knowledge of the federal laws that they are empowered to enforce. Many Circuit Court Judges and Appellate judges must possess an extensive knowledge of the vast body of federal and state laws that surround the various issues that they will decide on. Bankruptcy judges must in addition have extensive knowledge of financial matters affecting the business community under the Uniform Commercial Code and all matters that affect the distribution of credit. The term “associate” is used in reference to lawyers who are retained by a firm in order to perform the same types of tasks that would be performed by an attorney.

Some of the tasks performed by associates include performing research and analyses, interviewing witnesses, interviewing co-workers, reviewing documents, preparing opinions and arguments for oral or written submissions, interviewing opposing parties, presenting cases, filing briefs, and representing the client in litigating appropriate cases. Many lawyers also act as legal assistants to the attorneys, completing tasks such as drafting responses to discovery requests, handling correspondence, filing necessary paperwork, and tracking any activity (such as speaking with clients and others about cases). Many law firms also perform other functions that are directly related to work associated with their practice areas. For instance, some firms may employ tax accountants, whose duties include assisting with filing relevant forms, conducting interviews with clients and other relevant parties, preparing relevant papers and records, interviewing tax related experts, preparing appropriate documents to support their positions, and advising them on relevant tax related issues. A number of law firms also employ paralegals to assist with administrative tasks.

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