Your Medical Marijuana Could Be Paid For By A Non-Profit Organization

It was obvious that it would happen eventually, and it is unsurprising that the announcement came from California. Statewide Insurance Services, based in Sacramento, California, offers insurance to help you pay for your medical marijuana needs.
Of course, this isn’t breaking news. What’s new is that this organisation is willing to pay the cost of medical marijuana.
The organisation plans to cover all facets of the medical marijuana industry, from medical insurance to the companies that participate in the process. Workers compensation would be provided for businesses involved in the cultivation and distribution of medical marijuana. Read Cannabis drinks near me

They will have auto insurance that will protect vehicles used to transport medical cannabis. They are capable of providing compensation for infrastructure, property damage, and other expenses.
In most 50 state governments, the agency will have certain types of insurance policies resources. Just 14 states currently allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes. This ensures that if and when medicinal cannabis is approved in the state in question, this business will be able to step in to provide insurance coverage right away.
There are potentially large agencies that can track insurance coverage for medical cannabis dispensaries. Dispensaries began to pop up as soon as medical marijuana was legalised in California in 1996. Currently, there are about 2,000 in the state of California alone. When extrapolated to the United States, this represents a massive market.
In general, the tide seems to be turning in favour of medical marijuana. A increasing number of states have made it legal to use the drug for medical purposes. Meanwhile, the Obama administration declared a year ago that it would likely stop arresting marijuana growers who were working within the confines of state law on federal charges.