Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon Services- A Closer Look

Activated carbon services include a variety of services that make it possible to remove hazardous substances from the air. These services are often provided by companies that use the “Activated Charcoal” process. This process involves using a mixture of coal tar granules, along with a certain amount of oxygen gas in an enclosed container. The gas of course is supplied by compressed natural gas (CNG). This method is used to create high pressure streams that force pollutants into the air. Once pollutants are forced into the air they are sucked away by the fans working in the system. Check Pacific Coast Carbon LLC.

Activated carbon services are most commonly used for odour control. When these services are undertaken the provider will place a special filter on the emissions from the furnace or boiler. The filter will capture the smell of sulphur from raw oil or gas and when this becomes present in the atmosphere the carbon is forced through the charcoal filter and into the air.

There are many advantages to using these carbon filters. One of these advantages is that the carbon that is used in the filter is much more effective than other alternatives. Another advantage is that the activated carbon that is used in this process does not alter the air in any way. This means that the services provided by a carbon filter will provide similar results to other methods but also that the service provider can provide additional services to make sure that your home is as safe as possible.