All about Domestic Violence

Of at least 5.3 million women who are abused each year, 1,232 die at the hands of their companion. Unsurprisingly, the leading cause of injuries to women is domestic abuse. These scary statistics should make sense when considering that health care service costs for victims of abuse is almost $4.1 billion annually. click to see

For those outside of the realm of spousal or partner abuse, the reasons for causing such violence and also accepting it can be confounding. A man usually beats his wife or companion when he loses his temper, or has grown up seeing such atrocities, thinking it is okay. Also, other reasons men give include showing a woman her place or proving that the man is the boss.

Those of us who have fortunately never had to deal with abusive relationships may not understand why a woman cannot just leave her abusive partner. In most cases, this is easier said than done. Women who grew up observing their fathers beat their mothers may expect this when they are married. Also, it may be easier to stay than to leave. Women could fear being stalked by the ex-companion and treated even worse than before. Single parenting is a worrisome consideration as well.

The cycle of abuse can leave a woman confused about whether or not she is actually in a violent relationship. It starts with an incident that leads to growing tension. Eventually, the man lashes out physically or otherwise to the woman. Later, he feels sorry for his actions and acts much kinder to his wife or companion. This may lead her to think that he might not abuse her again, but the cycle of abuse can continue in a downward spiral.

Abuse can come in many forms, although most people think of it as purely physical. Bodily harm is definitely a huge proponent of hospital visits due to domestic violence. It includes pushing, hitting, choking, kicking, and biting, or the threat of doing such actions. Economic or financial abuse occurs when the male takes and keeps the female partner’s paycheck, or does not provide her with enough money to survive. Sexual abuse includes rape and forcing the woman to perform acts that she does not want to do. Emotional abuse is a mental game where the man controls the woman and degrades her with words.