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The most important dental advice for avoiding cavities and gum disease is to keep your dentist and/or hygienist satisfied by brushing and flossing your teeth on a regular basis. It’s disturbing to see a patient who comes in for a Scale & Polish (S&P) every 4-6 months because they don’t plan on brushing or flossing their teeth on a regular basis. Some people believe that getting an S&P on a daily basis eliminates the need for at-home cleaning. This isn’t correct!For better tips visit My Dental Home, Dr. Kevin Brown & Associates

A S&P is a one-time deep cleaning that will make your brushing and flossing routine simpler in the future, but it does not replace at-home dental treatment! Don’t be a dental pain in the neck; just look after your gums and teeth.

The following dental tip complements your daily at-home dental treatment. Going to check-ups will keep an eye on how your gums and teeth are doing and will alert you to any dental issues before they become serious. Your check-up frequency will be determined by your oral health and how well you manage it. Patients typically have a check and an S&P every six months, but certain patients with gum trouble/disease will need to be seen more often, and the best patients who take care of their teeth may have a check at least once a year.

This dental tip focuses on the human-dentist relationship. Going to the dentist is similar to going to the doctor in that you develop a trusting and understanding relationship over time. However, unlike a doctor, you see the dentist on a much more frequent basis and on a much more personal level (they are operating in your mouth), so if you don’t trust the dentist to operate on your teeth, it can be very troublesome. Working in a patient’s mouth can be challenging and stressful if they are too nervous to allow you to do some work!