Couples Massage – Double the Price, Double the Sensuality

What is couples massage meant to bring if a massage is supposed to relieve pain and soothe? Is it possible to feel twice as good knowing that your loved one is just a few feet away, getting a massage of their own? Perhaps. Or maybe the two massages balance each other out, like a math equation, leaving the unhappy couple lying in their cashmere robes among hundreds of lit loganberry candles. It’s up to the pair to make the best of the situation.Visit couples massage near me for more details.

What exactly is it?

Couples massage is a massage session in which two people (usually a husband and wife or a mother and daughter) receive deep-tissue massage from two separate therapists at the same time. The massage can be done with a lighter or stronger hand, depending on your choice, and it’s usually done on different massage tables with the couple lying side by side or face to face. If you’re having couples massage with a friend or even a business partner, it can easily strip away the facade of romantic pleasure (don’t get it twisted, it’s not like on late night Cinemax, it’s still just a massage) or it can easily present an heir of sensuality (don’t get it twisted, it’s still just a massage).

The key selling point of couples massage, on the other hand, is that it’s meant to be romantic, as many spas promoting this form of massage have photos of dimly lit rooms with flutes of champagne floating on fine oak. In reality, O Spa in Brooklyn offers a variety of couples spa packages, all of which include the option of adding a bottle of champagne for an additional $20. This will, of course, make you wonder whether you’re having a great deal on lavish champagne or if you’re drinking Duane Reade’s twenty-dollar champagne. It’s also unclear how convenient it is to drink champagne from a champagne bottle when lying flat on your back.

Obviously, the higher the price, the more “romantic” it will appear. Couples suites are available at some of the larger hotel and resort spas, with facilities ranging from steam showers and whirlpools to fireplaces and bubbles. Bubbles, that’s right. More unusual massage methods, such as warmed riverbed stone massage, Red Rose Petals Foot Ritual, Mandarin Oriental Signature body scrub, and Oriental Scalp Massage, are available alongside the more expensive spa packages for couples massage.

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