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Details of Roofing Preparations for The Coming Winter

Winter is approaching quickly. Is there something you’re doing to make your roof winter-proof? If not, I believe it is past time for you to begin taking action right away. As you might be aware, winter is not far away, and if you begin the roof repair process now, you can guarantee that your roof will never leak again. Never attempt this in the winter because it is a health and safety threat to climb up to your roof in the cold! Have a look at check more here for more info on this.

Start with a clean, blank slate: It may be tempting to replace the older, deteriorated shingles with brand new roof shingles, but trust me when I say that this is not a long-term solution; rather, it is a “band-aid solution” that may not survive the winter’s pressure. In my view, the safest thing to do is to remove all of the old roof shingles at once. This move has three benefits: your roof will be permanently covered from the biting winter, you will be able to spot any other damage that may occur inside the plywood foundation, and you will be able to easily mount appropriate roof accessories such as roof leak barriers (the ones you must peel off and stick under the shingles)!

Keeping The Roof Clean at All Times: One of the reasons so many roofs fail during the winter is that they have already been compromised by leaks. To avoid this, you must find a way to keep your roof clean of garbage such as waste materials, dead tree leaves and branches, and other similar debris. Pruning the leaves and trimming the branches of trees that overlook your space is one way to do this. The cleaner your trees are, the cleaner your roof will be, and the less likely it will leak.

Keep Your Gutters Clean: Cleaning your roof isn’t enough! It’s just as necessary to keep your gutters clean as it is to keep your roof clean. Gutters become clogged with the same debris that causes roof damage: dead tree limbs, dead leaves, and so on. Remember that if your gutters are clogged with debris, it can only cause big problems in your home’s attic until the temperature begins to drop. Make sure your gutters are clean at least a month before the winter arrives!

Finally, the only way to shield the roof from the elements during the winter is to adequately insulate it. Do you know that one of the main causes of roof leaks in the winter is heat transfer through the roof, which melts the snow? This heat transfer will be reduced if you properly insulate your attic!