Getting the Most Out of Your Pressure Washer

The pressure washer is a versatile tool that can be used in a number of applications. Anything from cleaning the siding on your house to washing your boat to items we haven’t even considered yet. So many traditional and experimental applications!Do you want to learn more? Visit Quality Appliance Repair Calgary LTD, Calgary.

What it would take a person several hours of serious scrubbing to do, a pressure washer will do in a matter of minutes. For example, stains, mould, mildew, and sometimes algae that grow on a house’s siding over time, whether it’s vinyl, aluminium, or another material, may really dull the overall appearance of the structure and make it appear “aged.” Filling a bucket with water and detergent, grabbing a ladder, and starting the process of adding a lot of elbow grease to clean your siding can be intimidating, and it is not something that many people look forward to doing on a weekend or an off day.

Enter the pressure washer, which is worth its weight in gold only in terms of time saved. A pressure washer uses a pump operated by a gasoline engine or, in some cases, an electric motor to increase the pressure of the relatively low-pressure water flow from a standard garden hose. The stream can be concentrated or modified to spray more widely. Test different spray settings on the surface to be washed until you find the one that works best, and then add the spray uniformly to the surface.

This is critical: NEVER stay over a potentially eroded surface (brick, mortar, cement, etc.) for more than a second or two while using a focused “jet” stream environment. A good pressure washer’s powerful flow of water will potentially shred and severely harm concrete and other similar materials. So proceed with severe caution. Often, and this is more common sense than anything else, never direct a focused stream at yourself or others. Is there anything else to say if it will hurt concrete?

It is also important to carefully read the instruction manual that comes with your pressure washer to ensure that it is not only being used correctly, but that it is being used in the safest possible manner. You don’t want to be hauling your machine to a pressure washer repair shop or a power tool repair shop unnecessarily! When using a pressure washer, always wear a pair of protective goggles! Protect yourself from the flying debris that most pressure washing jobs produce.

Again, depending on the task, you’ll need to change the pressure of your spray source. From a high-pressure “jet” stream for getting in between driveway and sidewalk cracks to a soft spray for applying soap or detergent, and everything in between. The pressure washer makes it easier to clean your boat or vehicle, as well as a fence or deck, gutters, or patio furniture. This time and energy-saving piece of equipment has limitless applications!


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