Important Replacement Forklift Parts

A forklift that is well-maintained and serviced on a regular basis will last for two decades or even longer. Of course, many of the components would need to be replaced over time, some of them on a regular basis when the car is serviced. Other critical replacement forklift parts can be easily missed unless you take the time to inspect them on a regular basis. While some of them can appear to be minor components, others may be extremely dangerous if not replaced. Forklift Safety Solutions-Safety Lights Forklift is an excellent resource for this.
Forklift forks, while being the most critical and often used component of a lift truck, are often ignored. This is most likely due to their owners’ belief that they are indestructible. Nothing is indestructible, as experienced forklift owners and mechanics know, and many owners make it a point to change their forks on a regular basis. If you ever decide to purchase new forklift forks, consider whether a different length, width, or thickness will be more appropriate for your needs than the ones you currently have.
You certainly inspect your brakes on a regular basis, but do you also inspect your forklift axles? This is something that should be done on a daily basis. Axle shafts, seals, boots, and clamps all wear out over time, and new forklift axle parts are available individually or as a kit. Put axles on your list of parts to check to keep your forklift running smoothly and safely.
Forklift electric motors are often only replaced after they fail. If your current motor or motors aren’t performing as well as you’d like, consider upgrading to a newer model. In recent years, technology has advanced dramatically, and you can find that a new motor will significantly boost the efficiency of your forklift.
Have you considered changing the seat on your forklift? Many forklifts’ standard seats aren’t the best available. Ergonomically engineered forklift seats are available, making the operator’s job much safer and more comfortable. Some of these forklift replacement parts are universal, meaning they will fit most makes and models of lift trucks, while others are made for particular trucks. You should consider upgrading to a new replacement forklift seat if you have an older forklift.
Then there are the hundreds of other minor and accidental forklift replacement pieces to consider. Both of these must be reviewed and, if necessary, replaced. Lights, horns, and alarms are critical protection components that must be replaced on a regular basis. Bearings, fans, steering, push, and lift motors are among the other components. You may often get away with using used or generic parts, but if it’s anything substantial, go for genuine OEM parts if at all possible.