Main Points Related to Elite Roofing

Owners who see the roofing system as a one-time expense and make specification decisions based solely on first costs are at risk of higher expenses for roof maintenance and repair. The bottom line: It is possible that choosing the incorrect system would cost a facility executive considerably more than if the correct system was originally chosen.

By installing a high-performance roofing system and performing routine preventive maintenance during the roof’s life high repair costs can be avoided. The initial cost of a quality roofing system may be higher, but the system’s lower life-cycle costs would more than compensate for the initial investment.Do you want to learn more? Visit Elite Roofing, Denver .

Materials, labour, overhead, benefit and indirect costs associated with the structure form the initial expense of a roofing system. The life-cycle analysis takes the roof’s first cost, then applies to it the potential operating and maintenance costs over the roof’s economic life.

The facility manager who fails to consider the importance of a life-cycle costing plan for the procurement of a new roof does a financial disservice to the facility and everyone concerned with it. First-cost customers can overlook such major potential possibilities for reducing costs as:

Electricity cost savings in building heating and air conditioning by the use of white, reflective membranes or coatings and additional insulation.
Extended service life of the roof with a roof that is optimally drained.
Enhanced fire retardence of the roof and resistance to wind uplift, resulting in decreased insurance rates.
Extended roof service life due to the use of heavy structural framing materials, creating a heavier system of roofing.
Future savings by using recycled roof part accessories to replace the roof.
Reduced repair of roofing surfaces by the application of a heavier walkway pad membrane for high-traffic roofs.
Prevention of roof surface deterioration in those roof areas where by installing suitable protective devices, harmful emissions can occur.

One that can withstand the elements and demands of time is the most cost-effective roof. In order to decide the best roofing system based on the specified requirements for the building, facility managers should therefore be actively involved in the initial planning phases.