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Along with bargaining on membership costs, you should consider bargaining on trainer costs. Trainer fees are usually adjustable, and it is not uncommon to see complimentary personal training sessions offered to new members. Negotiate a charge that fits your budget should you decide to continue using the trainer’s services. Trainers are typically accommodating and accept member prices. What you should know about gyms in general is that they will always state that their charges are non-negotiable, but the truth is that you can barter with them and have the charges reduced. The stakes are enormous, and each gym must reach its monthly goals to stay afloat. Typically, gyms have a commission-based sales crew with whom you can haggle, and they will be accommodating if you expertly make your case for a pricing decrease. Visit Gold’s Gym, Port Coquitlam.

You should receive your money’s worth as someone who will be using gym facilities on a frequent basis, so if you find a gym with rates that are satisfactory to you, check out others.It’s not uncommon for businesses to strike partnerships with local gyms in which their employees receive a discount or rates that are dropped to a third of what they were before, or even free membership. If you work for a corporation, you should verify with the human resources department to see if this is true.

Typically, the sales person would try to persuade you to sign a long-term deal. Unless you intend to commit to a long-term subscription, choosing a month-to-month membership arrangement is the best option. You are free to cancel the contract at any time without incurring any penalties. The salesperson may also advise you to pay for a year in advance, but this is something you should avoid since if the gym closes unexpectedly or you have to relocate, the money you paid will be wasted because you will not be enjoying the gym’s services.

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