Mudjacking-An Overview

Mudjacking, also known as concrete lifting, slabjacking, or concrete rising, is a cost-effective alternative to scraping and fixing sunken and uneven concrete. Unfortunately, most homeowners have no idea how mudjacking works or why it’s such a good choice for concrete repair. Let’s go into the “classroom” and learn some mudjacking basics. Visit us on Mudjacking near Me.

The technique was developed in the late 1920s and early 1930s as a way to restore sunken highway concrete and fill voids under slabs of concrete. Images of the procedure can be found in Iowa, Wisconsin, and California. It’s now commonly used in the United States as a low-cost fix for sunken and uneven concrete.

You don’t have to repair your sunken or voided concrete slabs when they settle and become a hazard, or when the subgrade of your driveway erodes and leaves voids or cracks; you can have them mudjacked instead.

Only a few steps and some specialised equipment are needed, including a small mudjack pump for precisely pumping the grout or slurry in a regulated manner. Grout and a few small hand tools are also needed for the job. To complete their work, most contractors use a small dump truck or a truck-and-trailer combination. On the market is a bigger, more self-contained truck that can mix and pump at the same time. Most mudjackers use the truck-and-trailer system due to the higher cost of this truck.