Music & Dance

Music & Dance School Offers Opportunities For Everyone

Third Street Music School is the oldest community-based music school in the United States, founded in 1894. Founded by German immigrants, it was originally named German Settlement Music School. The school is located on East 11th Street in Manhattan. It offers three primary programs: a music & dance school curriculum, a music infused Preschool, and an eclectic Arts program, 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Music Lessons | Home Mum.

The school offers classes for all levels of experience, but particularly focuses on the beginner because it is much more hands on than a music class where the student gets the benefit of synthesizers and other tools used in advanced classes. Music & dance classes at Third Street are taught by established instructors who have been doing the same thing for years and whose reputation continues to grow as an acclaimed alternative music school. The studio offers classes ranging from Beginner to Advanced. For those looking for an exciting and dynamic learning environment, Third Street offers classes that are challenging at every level, with an emphasis on new and fresh styles while incorporating the newest technology and tools.

Students can learn to dance both inside and outside the classroom. For example, they can learn ballroom dancing techniques and choreography while they study music, and they can also work on their technical skills inside the studio. Music & dance classes at Third Street Music School are designed for individuals regardless of age, ability, or interest. Those who are interested in learning to dance are encouraged to sign up today and get their life on track!