Elderly Care

New York Senior In Home Care – A Solution To The Dangers Of Aging

Senior in home care is care or health service, which is offered at home by a licensed medical professional. It is usually designed to prevent or delay moving into an assisted living or nursing facility. Senior in home care offers companionship, non-medical assistance and home health maintenance. The age of the senior doesn’t usually have any impact on the kind of care they receive, but it can greatly reduce the need for specialized medical treatment. Learn more by visiting senior in-home care near me.

Generally speaking, the term senior in-home care refers to someone 60 years old or over who requires personal care services, including assistance with bathing, eating, medication management, transportation, toileting, getting dressed and doing mechanical tasks. The person may require specialized health care such as physical therapy or occupational therapy, but may receive all or some of their needs through in home care service. The family or person receiving care will often be asked to coordinate with the health care worker, who has special training and experience working with older people and who knows how to provide the most beneficial care possible. Often, there will be other family members, such as children or others who are also living with the senior in the home, who will assist the worker with daily tasks and any other needs that may arise.

Because there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, the process of aging becomes more difficult for the elderly. The stages can be frustrating for anyone, and the physical limitations that come along with it can be particularly frustrating for someone nearing the end of their life. However, there are many options available to help slow the progression of Alzheimer’s, allowing those with Alzheimer’s to live more fulfilling and comfortable lives. Senior in home care is one method that can be used to give the elderly person comfort and dignity. By providing a consistent, safe care, family members can be with their loved one during the progression of Alzheimer’s, offering them a sense of peace and independence.