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Way before, testosterone is only known as the male sex hormone. It is being regarded to be the one responsible of men’s sexual development and an emblem of their masculinity. And though it is possible that its other body functions might have been discovered a long time ago, those were not paid much attention by many. Do you want to learn more? Click NovaGenix.

In the recent years however, testosterone had been causing a stir on the world of medical treatment. It had been a hotly debated topic among medical experts and a subject of various research and studies. Specifically, testosterone replacement therapy is the one that is drawing much attention. There are those who say that this therapy is highly beneficial while others firmly stand that there are much better options.

However, before going to the topic of how testosterone can rejuvenate your body or if it indeed can, it will be a very big help to understand first what testosterone replacement therapy is for.

In the most basic sense, testosterone replacement therapy is for testosterone deficiency. Because testosterone production decreases as you grow old, the therapy is the way to set it back to normal. Usually, the human body’s testosterone production is at its peak during late twenty’s and then it slowly reduces each year.

With the decrease on the number of testosterone is the inefficiency of its functions. Getting back your testosterone level to normal is therefore similar to making its functions done efficiently again. This is how the therapy can rejuvenate your body.

But what are these specific functions? Of course, that is excluding the major function on male sexual characteristics.

In general, testosterone functions can be sorted in two categories – physical and psychological. In one way or another, the result of the functions on one of the categories affects the other. This makes testosterone deficiency and testosterone replacement therapy directly affect your over-all health condition.

On the physical side, the therapy can increase your energy level. It can also improve your body mass, reduce body fat and improve bone and muscle strength. Still an added benefit is the increase in sexual potency and frequency.

For the psychological side on the other hand, testosterone replacement therapy can bring the following results: improved mental ability; improved mood and over all feeling of well-being; reduced fatigue and anxiousness; and improved ability to focus and concentrate.

As water can replenish your body, so can testosterone replacement therapy rejuvenate testosterone functions. Its effects can be reflected both physically and psychologically. And through this, you can live your life with quality.