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Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery Chronicles

The associated cost of cosmetic surgery is one of the aspects that cannot be avoided. Regardless of how this procedure may be able to make your life better, cosmetic surgery is usually not covered by any insurance – unless it is deemed medically necessary. That is why most people pay in cash or have to find financing options to pay for their cosmetic operations.check it out

If you are considering having cosmetic treatments but live on a budget, it would be beneficial to know of preparatory costs so you can save up for the procedure and make an informed financial decision.

Plastic surgery and cosmetic treatment costs differ on the following variables: fees for the surgeon, anesthesia and facility and the region where the operation is to be performed.

Region-based fees are fixed and non-negotiable. Cosmetic surgeons in the north east and western USA cost more than those south of the border. Many people now fly to India and other parts of Asia or the Middle East for this operation because the costs of the trip plus the operation are lower than in the US.

Surgeons who have had better training, highly skilled and thus, high in demand would, of course, demand higher fees. More often than not, you will still get your money’s worth. These kinds of surgeons would give much higher quality care and bear fewer risks of complications. It would be best to conduct your own research because higher fees do not necessarily equal undisputed excellence.

Facility fees cover payments for where the surgery is performed. Extensive or more complicated procedures cannot be done anywhere but in a hospital, costing you more than if it were an outpatient procedure. And, if you are required to stay overnight or longer, this will make for hefty recovery costs.

Anesthesia is among the major variables to cosmetic surgery costs. Operating with local anesthesia and a sedative cost much less than those calling for a general anesthesia. General anesthesia sends you into utter sleep and an anesthetist is needed to make certain of your unconsciousness during the entire operation and be conscious again when it’s done. This is another aspect not advisable for scrimping.

You can verify with your health insurance agent what procedures your insurance covers. Reconstructions (post injury or mastectomy) are covered partially or completely. You can also check a possible reimbursement of the procedure costs from your health savings account.

You can ask your surgeon about financing options. There are often financing options offering very good rates. Monthly payments would be determined by the loaned/financed amount, the terms of the loan payments and your credit score. Another credit option is the home equity line of credit which could give you more favorable terms. If you choose a plastic surgery financing plan, you must be certain that your chosen surgeon is covered by that plan.