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Reality OF Innovative Actor’s Studio

Play the next segment and repeat until you’ve reached the end. Return to the beginning and repeat the process, as nearly as possible imitating the voiceover. Now set aside the tape and read the script again, this time recording yourself. Are you currently transmitting the original voiceover’s energy, passion, sentiment, and character? If not, imagine the original narration in your mind’s eye. What would they be wearing? Would they be musing out of an open window on a summer’s day, holding the product they’re enthusing about delivering to a TV camera, or clutching the product they’re enthusing about bringing to a TV camera? You get the idea. Innovative Actor’s Studio is an excellent resource for this.
The notion is that you “get inside the head” of the original voiceover; after all, they were paid to narrate that national advertisement while you didn’t. So you’d copy them as closely as possible, do the same for other voiceovers and actors you admire, and then, with the knowledge in your head and the ability to use “mental pre-sets” to jump into different characters, you’d develop your own personal style and learn your vocal acting strengths and weaknesses.
Purchase the greatest microphone you can afford, but be sure it is appropriate for your voice. You should travel to a city with a well-stocked audio or music store, check out some in your price range, and record your voice using a top-of-the-line “pop” filter hoop on each… For every voice artist, this is a must-have. In a quiet setting, request that the music be played on good HiFi speakers. You won’t get any relevant input on the quality of the mics you’re evaluating if you merely listen through headphones.
So, when you’re listening to a recording, what are you looking for? You’ll need a microphone that picks up all of the “good” harmonics in your voice while suppressing the “poor” ones. I use a Neumann U87 and a Neumann TLM 103 for my deep bass voice because they seem to fit it. It provides my voice authority and resonance while maintaining top-end (treble) clarity. When I was testing microphones years ago, I discovered that Electovoice mics muffled my voice for some reason, whereas AKG microphones were thin and lifeless when capturing my speech. However, I know VOs that swear by these and other microphones, so you must choose what is best for your voice and how you utilise the microphone.