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A criminal law attorney is a legal practitioner specializing in the defense of corporations and individuals charged with criminal offense. In most jurisdictions, the term “criminal defense” refers to the lawful representation of clients charged with crime. Criminal defense lawyers defend clients who have been accused of crimes ranging from traffic offenses to murder and drug crimes. Criminal defense lawyers may also specialize in specific areas of criminal law, for example, fraud and grand theft. They obtain the services of experts and other professionals to conduct investigations, make contacts with prosecution witnesses, and prepare their defense strategy and case for court proceedings.Do you want to learn more? Visit The Hampton Law Firm P.L.L.C, Fort Worth .

A criminal lawyer represents a client whose legal rights have been violated by another person or entity. Criminal defense lawyers offer a comprehensive service to individuals charged with a variety of criminal acts including: murder, manslaughter, assault, DUI/DWI (driving under the influence / driving without a license), burglary, embezzlement, conspiracy, solicitation, perjury, theft, drug possession, drug trafficking, possession of illegal weapons, etc. Criminal defense lawyers protect the rights of their clients and fight cases aggressively on behalf of their clients. Many criminal lawyers are former prosecutors and judges and many others have extensive courtroom experience as trial and judge advocates. In special cases like capital cases, which are high-profile criminal cases that involve extreme penalty, state law enforcement officials often seek the services of a criminal lawyer.

While a criminal lawyer represents a client in a criminal proceeding, the law firm represents the interests of the government, the local district attorney, and the defendant. Attorneys in these firms coordinate with prosecutors and other law enforcement officials to present the best possible defense to the client. The role of the criminal lawyers and the services they provide to their clients are to advocate the legal right of their client to fair trials and effective representation.


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