Things You Must Know About Myers Stair Lifts

Stair lifts are very useful in homes with many floors and people who are elderly or have health problems that make climbing up and down stairs difficult. The invention of stair lifts has proven to be very useful. Fort Myers Stair Lifts offers excellent info on this. The first stair lift was planned and constructed in 1920 by an American from Pennsylvania. His plan was to create a chair that could transport his sick friends up and down the stairs.


Stair lifts have become very popular in recent years. Basic stair lifts are made and sold in two different types. One type of stair lift is a platform on which an individual can stand or sit, and the platform moves up a rail that is fixed to the stairwell. A chair that is fixed on a carriage that travels up and down the stairs on a rail is the other, and more common, kind.

The stair lift is driven by electricity, and it is propelled up the stairs by cables that are pulled and released by a motor. The stair lift is equipped with wheels that move along a rail. Stairlifts can operate on either AC or DC power. The DC-type stair lifts are more expensive because they use batteries to power the stair lift’s motors, which necessitates the use of a battery to keep the batteries charged. The motors of AC-type stair lifts are powered by the same electricity that is used in most homes.

Consider a winch that is attached to a frame that is supported by wheels, which are then mounted on a rail. On an incline, the rail is mounted. The motor pulls the rope, which pulls the platform up the rail, when the winch is turned on. The cable is slowly released to allow the platform to descend the rail. This is the fundamental premise that a stair lift operates on.

House stairwells do not always lead directly to the next floor. There could be a landing before the stairwell leads to the upper level. It is also possible for the stairs to be curved. Stair lifts are now available to meet all of these criteria.

All that is expected is that the form of stairs in the home be disclosed to the company from which the stair lift will be purchased. They will then send someone to measure the stairs and give you an estimate for the stair lift. They will come and instal the stair lift once the sale has been finalised. Stairlifts come with guarantees and after-sales support.

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