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Although pedestrians have an extraordinary ability to avoid being hit by cars, pedestrian incidents outside of the roadway are considered to be extremely rare. Pedestrians’ chances of being hit by a vehicle are significantly reduced if they take the necessary precautions before approaching a street. However, the following factors will significantly improve those chances:

• Ignoring Traffic Controls – At traffic intersections, we’re all familiar with the “walk” and “don’t walk” signals. These signals are intended to give pedestrians enough time to cross the street safely. When the “don’t walk” sign appears, pedestrians who are already crossing should proceed, while those who are already on the corner of the road should wait for the next light. Pedestrians should always wait for a green light before crossing and never cross when the light is yellow if there are no pedestrian signals. Visit The Accident Network Law Group – Riverside Pedestrian Accident Attorney.

• Jaywalking – Pedestrians should never cross the street in an inconvenient or unexpected place. Pedestrians are more likely to be injured as a result of this. Pedestrians should always cross at a crosswalk or a marked crosswalk.

• The “Darting” Boy – Children have been known to dart into the road suddenly on occasion. They’re often chasing after a cat, a toy, or even another boy. When they see children playing in a neighbourhood, or when they pass a park, kindergarten, or other place where children are likely to be present, drivers should take extreme caution.

• The Pursuit of the Parent – If children are seen running into a highway, it is possible that a parent will follow. It is fair to assume that a parent would run into a highway with no concern for oncoming traffic because their child’s wellbeing is their top priority.

• Walking on a Limited Access Highway – Highway traffic travels at high speeds, and pedestrians on the road are the last thing drivers expect to see. If a road is labelled “NO Pedestrians,” heed the alert. If your car breaks down on a limited-access highway, be highly careful if you plan to get out and do repairs on it or attempt to walk somewhere for assistance.