What Are Local SEO And How To Improve It?

Local SEO is very important for local companies with a brick and mortar location. If you’re unfamiliar with the term itself, it’s basically a means to optimize your site for people in your local area so they are more likely to visit your site. Think of it in a way as a means to get more people into your store so you can ultimately get them up the aisle. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling jewelry, clothing, snacks or antiques, local SEO can work wonders for your company. Just be sure to utilize the proper tactics with local SEO so you don’t waste your money.Visit local seo company for more details.

First and foremost you want to utilize the best keywords available to you so you can have a strong grasp on local SEO. You can use Google’s Keyword Research Tool to see which keywords are ranking well for your business industry. It will also show you the average number of searches performed on those keywords each month. That is very important data for you to analyze so you can decide on what changes need to be made to optimize your page.

Once you’ve figured out what the best keywords are for your industry, you’ll want to begin to optimize for them. Some of the top ranking factors for local businesses include the number of pages linking back to a specific page (this increases the authority of the page), total linking back from other local businesses and also the total number of backlinks within a 1 mile radius. The more back links you have the higher up in the rankings you will appear within Google. This is also one of the best ways to acquire links from other local businesses as well. The more quality backlinks you have the more Google will like your page and give you a better chance of appearing within their search results.

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