What Home Care Is All About?

Home care is care-giving or medical aid provided directly by a skilled professional caregiver within the patient’s personal home, rather than care given in institutional care such as nursing homes or clinics. Homecare is sometimes also called domiciliary care, public health care or in-house care. Home care service involves direct assistance by licensed professionals in administering day-to-day activities for a patient who finds it difficult to get up and move around. The types of services include eating, bathing, dressing, exercising, using crutches or wheelchairs and reading to patients who cannot read or do so comfortably. Do you want to learn more? Visit Atlanta Home Care.
A registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, pharmacy technician and a licensed social worker may be assigned to one person on a daily basis as an in home caregiver. Home care agencies often provide training on how to administer the medication, how to assist with dressing wounds, feeding, exercising the patient and helping them to remain safe while they are aging. In most instances, home health aides provide the most direct assistance with a minimal amount of supervision by the trained professional caregivers. In many cases, home health aides are the only health care professionals assigned to a patient; companion services can include maid service, housekeeping, cleaning, medication reminders, shopping for vitamins and supplements and light housekeeping duties.
Home healthcare has become increasingly popular as advances have been made in the medical field. In order to qualify for home health care assistance, Medicare and Medicaid must be accepted. Medicare provides the majority of medical services for elderly individuals. Home healthcare agencies are able to help people who are eligible for Medicare as well as offer private Medicare supplement insurance. Home health aide services are available through most states, but additional requirements may be needed for certain residents.