What You Don’t Know About American Dry Rot Repair

Dry Rot Repair can save you thousands of dollars when left unattended. It’s a very simple concept. Water is absorbed into wood by capillary action, expanding the wood and its volume. This expansion results in swelling, which causes the wood to lose its natural form. Once the swelling is corrected, moisture is drained and the wood becomes dry.Learn more about them at American Dry Rot Repair, Roseville.

Dry Rot occurs in both interior and exterior timbers and can be more severe than mildew. It usually appears as a yellowish spot on the surface of the timber, with some blackening of the surface. The fungus responsible for dry rot will eat away at the timber from the inside out, eating through the timber and leaving it looking quite raw. If not treated quickly, the fungus can continue to eat away at the timber and causing it to rot further.

A good Dry Rot Repair procedure can restore much of the original appearance of the timbers. In order to repair dry rot, you need to first identify exactly where the damage is occurring. Look for it in the dark, such as underneath floorboards, in the corners of rooms, or behind picture frames. When you find it, you should either visit your local milling and finishing department or take a trip to the local hardware store. Milling and finishing professionals have the experience and expertise to identify and treat this type of infestation.

If you choose to attempt dry rot treatment on your own, do so under the following conditions: you are aware of the symptoms of wet rot, and you are not creating additional moisture-bearing surfaces for fungal decay to feed on. Do not use untreated timber if you have recently had water logged or exposed to high humidity. Dry rot can be the result of several factors, including insect infestations, weather extremes, and poor construction practices. Treatment may be necessary if you have just experienced a major event involving water (such as heavy rain or snowfall), or if your timber has been exposed to too much moisture. However, if you are treating your home for the first time, or have just bought or re-cemented your home, it is highly recommended that you seek the assistance of a professional.